Career Transition 1:1 Coaching

Career Transitions can be filled with doubt, confusion, overwhelm or uncertainty. And additionally it can feel lonely, if others can not relate or you can not publicly share your plans.

You might reconsider if it is possible for you or are not sure when to know when to give up or pivot, without any feedback.

Uplevel your career transition experience with personalized coaching, where you get tools for your mindset, so you feel confident, learn to handle obstacles, have a plan, feel less stressed and you get to enjoy the journey more, because you like the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Based on a framework for people who have been there, this is teaching you tools to use during your search, in your current job and off work. But also is tailored made as it is 1:1 sessions where we apply those tools to your situation.


  • Sessions and actual content will be adapted to your situation and might vary depending on your skills and job situation.
  • I am not in HR and am not consulting specifically on CV, interview or HR/Headhunter specific topics

You get:

  • 7 weekly x 35min 1:1 sessions "Career Transition" (to be used within 2,5 months)
  • Session recordings
  • Some video trainings and worksheets based on need
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